Growing out the Gray and the Pixie

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This was me. Just middle-aged, having a good time with my long blonde hair. One thing, as an adopted person, you have no idea what you will look like as you age. No gauge to go by…I look like Auntie … Continue reading

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Favorite Blogs I Enjoy

I hope to do a post later in the month on my completion of The 30 Day Shred….but for now, I would like to share a blog that I have come to adore.  Carrie Bradshaw Lied.


Blogger Kathleen is a bit fashion, receipe, and DIY.  For the past year, her blog has really grown on me and I find myself clicking on her site each morning with my oatmeal.  She is a former Teen Miss Mississippi and I believe her momma was a beauty queen as well.  Her blog title is based on her life after college which she found wasn’t as fabulous as Carrie Bradshaw led her to believe life in her 20’s would be.


She has linked me up to some great make-up tutorials as well.  Enjoy her blog at:

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Happy New Year

I have not been posting because sometimes you just don’t want to post about your personal Personal life.  It has been a great Christmas with lots of Peace of Mind and love.  Now…the detox of sugar and weight gain (that was a typo but it stays) begins……. (You know when your husband lovingly tells you that you looked kinda heavy in that Xmas dress you better get a grip)!

My curlers and my obsession with Rhoda continues……IMG_20121201_102441

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Thank you Mary

When life is a bit much for me…

When I am having a bad week, a bad month or a bad season…

I can always count on Mary to take me away.

Thank you Mary, Lou, Rhoda, Ted, and Murray….


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Blogs I Enjoy

Delightfully Tacky.  What an adorable young lady this is.  I LOVE people like her, always have.  Natural, artsy, creative, bold, just all around Neat.  If I was young again, I would want to be her friend even though I would not even be cool enough to get near her.

Growing up in Savannah and watching the city come to life as Sav’h College of Art & Design grew and more art students from around the world added to the culture and beauty of the city, I wanted IN…but the truth is, I am not an artsy person, I am a mediocre wannabe at best.  Always the outsider looking in, I had a love and envy of all people in the arts and appreciate their originality and creative license they took in how they choose to express themselves.  I have been told throughout my life that I am “normal looking on the outside but weird as hell on the inside” and for that I say thank you.  (Please go to to view great photos posted daily of Savannah).

There are many fashion blogs who spend high dollar to have the latest and greatest trend but how unoriginal is that?  I like how Elizabeth at Delightfully Tacky takes a dress and shows  the reader how to layer and accessorize and wear it 15 different ways throughout the year.

Please take a look at her blog and enjoy her story and photos:

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She Ain’t Heavy…….

My friend and I have embarked on something……I don’t really know what that something is but we are doing something.  We are chronic healthy people then non-healthy people, healthy eaters to the Twix-Kit Kat diet.  What?  You haven’t heard of that?  Start your day with an Oreo Klondike bar and end the day with a block of cheese and a bag of pita chips filling your time inbetween with as many kit-kat and twix bars as humanly possible.

I have Finally started walking again after work.  I have gone from running 4 miles a day back in May to barely being able to walk 2 miles.  But Hey, like my friend says ‘Don’t take it too seriously.  I mean, it’s just life.’ 

This is me trying to get in shape with my dog. 

No really, this is me trying to get in shape with my dog.  Chloe is so big, she makes me look good.

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Frenemies & Spanx Part Deux

A while back I wrote about my frenemy and our fierce competition that only exists in my mind

I had to see said “friend” this weekend and I tell you, the older I get the less I really care.  I take a look at our old assess and think:  Mirror, Mirror on the wall, who’s the fairest one and of all?  And the mirror replies:  Ughhhhhh…..Neither one of you heffas!!!

So as my gray continues to grow, I must continue to hide it from her with hats.  I try to view myself as one of Ari’s finest at Advanced Style Blog.  Those ladies are truly style icons.  A woman who can pull off a hat can pull off anything. 

And of course my tribute to beloved Downton Abbey.


 And my tribute to Summer.

And my tribute to hiding helmut hair.




And my tribute to not washing my hair for 5 days.

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