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Post 14

I am grateful that the weather has been condusive for me to start this running journey.  I don’t know how I could have started and stuck with this in 30 degree weather. I am finding more and more that what … Continue reading

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Day 13

Or should I say Post 13, 5th week. Anxiety is a great motivator.  I had a body full of it last week.   Nothing life shattering, just things like the new dentist I had to visit etc.   I had nowhere to put … Continue reading

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Day 12

Ugh!! What a week! Not a bad week, it just was what it was. I have committed to getting back on track today.  I am SERIOUSLY not in the mood.  I told myself this morning to just put on my exercise gear … Continue reading

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Day 11

I have only been able to run twice this week.  Obligations aside, my body is insisting it have some recovery time from running up those hills.  The Achilles Tendon problem went away. I took a day off, heated it, stretched … Continue reading

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Day 10

Day 10 is actually week 3.  I was miraculously excited about exercising yesterday.  I had 2 runs last week and did very well, able to run most of my route.  The route itself is about 2 miles but it has very … Continue reading

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Day 9

Due to rain, sore muscles, and a $20 gift card to Target, no exercise was done.  Nice rest day, no guilt, no beating myself up in my mind.  Made some nice oat, PNB, raisin cookies (with almond flour and applesauce, … Continue reading

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Day 8

After a four-day hiatus filled with Doritos, baklava, cheese pizza, one walk up the mountain with my adorable niece, and more baklava…exercise was resumed.  Not without my usual cursing under the breath.  If I wrote a post before I walked, it … Continue reading

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