Post 25

In my mind there is only 1 kind of runner (and 2 body types).  One is the long and lean runner who has been exercising forever.  They were born to be athletes and when I see them running down the road on my way home in my car, they inspire me to change my mind about NOT running for the day. The rest of us  are bad*$$ chunkballs who are trying to be better runners.  Us biguns inspire as well –  it takes a lot of guts to get out there publicly and jiggle on down the sidewalk amidst honkers, gawkers and general looks of horror.   You see a lot of people out the day after an episode of  The Biggest Loser airs (really).  So what makes a “real” runner – in my eyes it doesn’t matter if you are running 10 steps or 10 miles, if you are running, you ARE a runner.

My process of becoming a runner (meaning accumulating cool running stuff) has been deliberately slow.  Most of us have been guilty of purchasing a workout tape (showing my age) or joining a gym and going gung-ho buying workout outfits, shoes, socks, gym bag….etc.  I made the decision back in January when I started this to go out ‘as is’ in my moth-laden workout pants and just walk.    My first reward to self after sticking with this for 4 months is new shoes.  I was excited but changing shoes is not easy and a lot of research went into what shoe was best for my feet and how I run. Breaking them in has taken me about 2 weeks and has been a PITA (pain in the….) 

My second purchase has been headphones (earbuds or as I like to say Those things you stick in your ear).  I had  a very long and cheap $3 pair and I had to hold the cord in my hand while I ran because it beat me to death and caused my earphones to fall out of my ear.

My new ones, iRun, just popped up on Facebook one day from on sale.  Intrigued or just gullible, I purchased.  They are for armbands, have shorter cords, and go around the back of your body (left cord longer to reach left ear) and what a difference that has made in my life.

Getting new stuff is always awesome but a person gets used to the way everything feels when running and anything new throws off the fen shui.  That is why runners say before a race don’t wear anything new or do anything different. 

My progress is slow.  My purchases are slows.  I am slow.  But remember…the turtle won the race.


About thefortyexpress

I do not fear getting older, HOWEVER, I am shocked when I see photos of my 40something year old self. I sometimes don't know what to do with all of this. How to merge the young girl I was with the old bag I am now???? What do you get? A hot mess is what you get. Maybe that is what a mid-life crisis is, trying to merge the old with the now.....
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One Response to Post 25

  1. Edmund McCombs says:

    Marcie – I am proud of you doing this – both the running and the writing! Plus, it is nice to see my siblings (the dogs) in the background.

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