To Grannyhood and beyond….

Yesterday we celebrated our grandsons 3rd birthday.  There are few things in this world that melt this old coots heart like my grandboys….as all grandparents know, we are putty in their hands.  (his bday present-kitchette).

It is being a Nana that has given me the courage to grow out my gray hair.  I figured since my old man beloved husband is all salt with 2% pepper, I might as well join the party.  I am comfortable with the look and it tests my patience as it grows yet it seems to add to my angst of mixing the young girl that was with the middle-aged lady I am now.  Being married to an older man allows quite a bit of leeway in the acting like a child department….but what happens when you catch up to him and you are both gaffers with kinks, sore knees, unabashed flatulence?  Who is going to be chasing who around the house?  Which one of us should break out our AARP card at Kroger (YES, I have a AARP card)?

There is a Going Grey blog that I like to read that encourages all  who are willing to take on the daunting task of not coloring the hair anymore.

I want to feel like this lady looks:

However, I feel like this old butter eatin’ geezer of a hillbilly probably because I made peanut butter oatmeal cookies this past weekend and then ate all of them. 


And don’t be getting onto me for dissin’ Paula Deen.  All us Savannahians know she loves her bourbon straight up with a side of Menthol Virginia Slims!!!


About thefortyexpress

I do not fear getting older, HOWEVER, I am shocked when I see photos of my 40something year old self. I sometimes don't know what to do with all of this. How to merge the young girl I was with the old bag I am now???? What do you get? A hot mess is what you get. Maybe that is what a mid-life crisis is, trying to merge the old with the now.....
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