Hope Springs

 Has anybody heard of this movie (trailer in below post). I saw the trailer for it and nearly fell out of my chair laughing.  It is for people who have been married a LONG time and understand the perils of getting old together, keeping your intimacy, having great sex, having lousy sex, having no sex, having things take longer than they used to, and keeping a sense of humor through it all.  And more than anything..NEVER giving up. 

After yesterday’s post, my husband advised that indeed I will be the one chasing him around the house.  I was informed that he chased me for many years and when I finally slowed down and let him catch me,   he had paid the piper and I was to be the chaser moving forward.  And I have chased, flirted, cajoled, gotten jiggy with it, hizzit that skizzit….whateves …..but I am tired, I feel old and fat and think who wants THIS chasing THEM?  Can I chase by candlelight so things look a bit more sessy…and can I still chase in my 8-year-old Target sweatpants……can I chase with dishes in the sink and dog hair all over the floor?  Can I chase knowing my boobs can’t pass the pencil test?   Ummmmm….from what the man told me last night, the answer to all of the above is yes, yes, yes, and you better.

Okay honey, I will do it.  I have given you a year contract of still chasing and we will re-asses and renegotiate next birthday when I turn 43.

Random photo op, cookie plate hidden:


About thefortyexpress

I do not fear getting older, HOWEVER, I am shocked when I see photos of my 40something year old self. I sometimes don't know what to do with all of this. How to merge the young girl I was with the old bag I am now???? What do you get? A hot mess is what you get. Maybe that is what a mid-life crisis is, trying to merge the old with the now.....
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2 Responses to Hope Springs

  1. Edmund says:

    Cat Daddy might let you chase but I have a feeling he won’t be running to fast! You never stop the chase – it’s what keeps things interesting. As for the dog hair, just get a Swiffer haha

  2. joan says:

    Well that’s a LOT of “chasing”. I suggest logging it as “mileage”.

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