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Good-bye Shoes of Summer

Now that Facebook has become such a part of our lives, you can expect that every Spring you will read numerous posts stating “Can’t wait for Summer…..gonna get my pedicure on!” and in the Fall you read “Can’t wait to break … Continue reading

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What your dog says about You

It is often said that dog owners display an uncanny resemblance to their pets both physically and personality wise.  Studies show that people are subconsciously drawn to dogs based on their characteristic personalities that match our own, i.e.  We go for … Continue reading

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The Weekend Review

Listen, I know nobody cares what I did this weekend, I don’t even care what I did this weekend, but my parents read this and so do my other parents down in Savannah and they like to know what I … Continue reading

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Favorite Blogs I Enjoy

I follow about 300 50 blogs.  That may seem like a lot but trust me, there are a gazillion blogs out there so this number is just a drop in the bucket.  I follow food blogs, fashion blogs, exercise blogs, fashion … Continue reading

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Hope Springs: The Review

First of all, let me start by saying that my sister-in-law and I were the youngest chics in the theatre.  There were ladies who were slowly making their way up the aisle with the assistance of their walkers.  I am not sure if the draw was the … Continue reading

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Motorcyle Mamas

You were either born to ride or you weren’t.  I was born to ride and I knew it the first time I saw a lady biker cruise past our car while staring out the window.  I was in the backseat … Continue reading

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Other Blogs I Enjoy

One of the first blogs I started to follow a few years back was The Pioneer Woman.  I don’t know how I found her but I became intrigued by the story she wrote about how she met her husband (From High … Continue reading

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