Eat, Pray, Love

Was not a fan of the movie.  I loved the scenes of her travels but  don’t share the writers belief system, but hey, if you got the dough and the time to travel the world to “find yourself” than by all means do.  Most of us just find ourselves in our cube eating skittles and reading People Magazine.


Breakfast of Champions:



Yes I did and yes I do.  I am grateful for my husband and our oldest grandson who turns 4 tomorrow.


I love my Fall transition outfits.  I love anything with elastic and hair buns.


About thefortyexpress

I do not fear getting older, HOWEVER, I am shocked when I see photos of my 40something year old self. I sometimes don't know what to do with all of this. How to merge the young girl I was with the old bag I am now???? What do you get? A hot mess is what you get. Maybe that is what a mid-life crisis is, trying to merge the old with the now.....
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2 Responses to Eat, Pray, Love

  1. Vix says:

    Hello! Hated that book I could bear to even consider the film. Stoopid, self-pitying woman she was. Much prefer your take on it! x

  2. Marcie- you are and always will be amazing!!!

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