Happy New Year

I have not been posting because sometimes you just don’t want to post about your personal Personal life.  It has been a great Christmas with lots of Peace of Mind and love.  Now…the detox of sugar and weight gain (that was a typo but it stays) begins……. (You know when your husband lovingly tells you that you looked kinda heavy in that Xmas dress you better get a grip)!

My curlers and my obsession with Rhoda continues……IMG_20121201_102441


About thefortyexpress

I do not fear getting older, HOWEVER, I am shocked when I see photos of my 40something year old self. I sometimes don't know what to do with all of this. How to merge the young girl I was with the old bag I am now???? What do you get? A hot mess is what you get. Maybe that is what a mid-life crisis is, trying to merge the old with the now.....
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