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She Ain’t Heavy…….

My friend and I have embarked on something……I don’t really know what that something is but we are doing something.  We are chronic healthy people then non-healthy people, healthy eaters to the Twix-Kit Kat diet.  What?  You haven’t heard of that?  … Continue reading

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What your dog says about You

It is often said that dog owners display an uncanny resemblance to their pets both physically and personality wise.  Studies show that people are subconsciously drawn to dogs based on their characteristic personalities that match our own, i.e.  We go for … Continue reading

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OH MY gosh!!  I have had to cook breakfast stuff for the past 5 days for different ‘events’.  My special recipe is sausage, cream cheese, and crescent rolls.  I do not welcome the calories nor does my jelly belly (my BR skinnies…no … Continue reading

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