Eat, Pray, Love

Was not a fan of the movie.  I loved the scenes of her travels but  don’t share the writers belief system, but hey, if you got the dough and the time to travel the world to “find yourself” than by all means do.  Most of us just find ourselves in our cube eating skittles and reading People Magazine.


Breakfast of Champions:



Yes I did and yes I do.  I am grateful for my husband and our oldest grandson who turns 4 tomorrow.


I love my Fall transition outfits.  I love anything with elastic and hair buns.

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Favorite Blogs I Enjoy

It’s not really a question of do I like fashion blogs, but how much of my life is spent looking at fashion blogs.  If I am not browsing the net looking for different ways to accessorize, then I am looking at food and exercise so I can fit it to my too small fabulous wardrobe from yesteryear without looking like a stuffed sausage.  I have not been able to lift one pinky to exercise since one of our dogs died.  Why?  I decided to go through the mourning process with McFlurrys instead of my Nikes.  One exercise blog I like is SkinnyRunner. 

She is funny, gorgeous, and likes to run.  She picked the name SkinnyRunner (SR) for marketing purposes as women love the word skinny, but considers herself a “normal jogger.”  She is anything but…. She is a multi, multi marathon runner and if she doesn’t inspire you, then go on and get another blizzard that’s what I do.  She at least inspires me to THINK about running….and then when I get home I think about sitting down in my recliner with some pita chips and cheese.

So hop on over to her blog for a lookie:

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This is 40

When the family went to see the recent Meryl Streep flick, we saw the preview to This is 40.  I looked at my sister-in-law and said They just made a movie about your life.


Photo below.  Wife walks in on him and says:  Can we just have a shred of mystery in our relationship and he says I saw you have babies, payback time.

The only way to hang in there with the one we committed ourselves to and stay monogamous is to have a sense of humor.  Laughing together at rashes, farts, stray hairs, diarrhea, going in for a kiss only to receive a burp, sagging, and all other kinds of funk can keep a couple together forever. PS: Let him have the remote and hold hands often. And light a candle every now and then.

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Good-bye Shoes of Summer

Now that Facebook has become such a part of our lives, you can expect that every Spring you will read numerous posts stating “Can’t wait for Summer…..gonna get my pedicure on!” and in the Fall you read “Can’t wait to break out my boots and the pumpkin latte.”  So as the summer winds down, the days cool off, and Chipper heads toward retirement, here is an ode to my summer bests.  MY feet and MY faves.

Clockwise: Steve Madden, Guess, Payless, Jessica Simpson (red pants),

Old Navy Capri, Melie Bianco bag with my cheap Wild Diva Pink Wedges

Payless wedges.  I love the look of the vintage wrap around shoe. Not bad for $6.00.

The Fall will not be filled with many purchases.  I had my obligatory Target walk-about.  I could have spent more but decided to keep it simple with a denim dress purchase and a pair of loafers.  The dress is reminiscent of the old house dresses ladies wore in the 1950’s.  It can be accessorized so many ways. This is a keeper.

Happy Fall shopping to you.

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What your dog says about You

It is often said that dog owners display an uncanny resemblance to their pets both physically and personality wise.  Studies show that people are subconsciously drawn to dogs based on their characteristic personalities that match our own, i.e.  We go for dogs that are a bit like us.

I have put this theory to the test with our two beagles Jack and Chloe.  My findings are listed below. 

First the boys.  Obvious observations – they like to eat, poo, sleep, Repeat

Interestingly enough, they both like to wear ivy hats.  We come from a long line of hat wearers.

Now for the girls.  Obvious observations – when husband first brought us home we were cute as a button.  Wow, I used to have collar bones.

We both love to eat a whole bag of chips at one sitting.

After a quarter-mile walk we keel over with potential cardiac arrest.

We both like to model our “deep in thought” stare.

Finally and the most important feature that we share is out BIG BUTTS!!!

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The Weekend Review

Listen, I know nobody cares what I did this weekend, I don’t even care what I did this weekend, but my parents read this and so do my other parents down in Savannah and they like to know what I have been up to.

The short and sweet of it…… 

I tried 3 new recipes (successfully).

Rode my motorcycle to a concert/benefit.

The event was a memorial to Earl Smalls and to bring awareness to esophageal cancer will not mention that half bikers there were smoking like chimney stacks.  I have not been around that many drunk people in a LONG time.  I enjoy watching drunk people dance.  A bystander spilled beer all over my husband trying to catch a t-shirt being thrown in the crowd but my man caught it!! I will wear that Tee with pride.

We saw Confederate Railroad, The Atlanta Rhythm Section (one of my faves) , and The Little River Band.  All totally awesome and I had the time of my life.   I haven’t danced and smiled like that in a while.


The Little River Band took a photo from the stage and there we are!

Really great time and music.  Below is The Little River Band – Reminiscing, Cool Change, Lonesome Loser, Take it easy on Me.

 Feeling refreshed and energized.




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Favorite Blogs I Enjoy

I follow about 300 50 blogs.  That may seem like a lot but trust me, there are a gazillion blogs out there so this number is just a drop in the bucket.  I follow food blogs, fashion blogs, exercise blogs, fashion blogs, DIY blogs, and fashion blogs. 

Fashion blogs.  If you don’t know about this phenom, you are missing out.  There are high-end posers (skinny chicks in Chanel),  awesome everyday (pretty girls in JCrew) and the girls who aren’t the hottest chick in the barn but love fashion and themselves and proudly pose too!

One of the blogs I like is Kendi Everyday. 

Kendi is a 20-something who lives in Texas, and owns her own shop called Bloom.   She is obsessed with colored jeans.

I like Kendi because her fashion style is  simple, effortless but still creates interest and dimension to her ensemble..  Pieces from Gap, JCrew, and Zara fill her posts.

Fashion blogs will cause you to covet and max out your credit cards can help you put together an outfit you probably already have in your closet but never thought of putting those certain pieces together.  It is also the new age of fashion magazine. Unless I am in the doctors waiting room, I don’t read magazines anymore.   After three decades of reading how to put on eyeliner, keep a man happy, lose 10 pounds on the Nabisco Cookie diet, or which wrinkle cream is best, I say thanks, but no thanks. 

Here’s my dog Chloe trying to Pose. Her nickname is the same as mine, Big Girl.  When my husband says Big Girl, I got a treat for you , we both come running.   She poses on the chaise until he walks over and helps her get up.  She doesn’t pull that with me.  When she eyeballs me coming her way she jumps up to get her spot before I take it.

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